Enlist Moms Will Help You...

Connect With Influencers & Develop A Brand Advocate Program

Work with Enlist Moms to connect your brand with influential moms and 300+ bloggers.

Create Meaningful & Sharable Content

Have your brand showcased in an authentic way and amplify your messaging.

Develop & Run A Strong Email Marketing Program

Engage current customers and educate new ones with unique content.

Manage & Amplify Your Social Media Presence

We can manage all of your social media and promote to our built in audience of 100,000+ moms.


Enlist Moms is a digital marketing agency targeting mom consumers. We know moms. In fact...we are moms. Connecting brands with moms is what we do. We live and breathe it.


Enlist Moms connects Brands with Influential Moms by developing your comprehensive Digital Strategy
Want to connect with moms in a unique way?

Enlist Moms offers an opportunity to work with a team of moms to gain insight into the digital mom market. If you want to authentically connect with the mom consumer, you’ve come to the right place. Whether your need is product launching, blogger outreach, testing, advertising appeals, or pricing sensitivity; Enlist Moms has the tools, know-how and a pool of highly engaged moms to help you with all your marketing intelligence needs.

Core Offerings:
• Customized, scalable digital campaigns on your terms
• Content creation & content marketing strategies
• Influencer/Blogger/Ambassador programs
• Market research & beta testing (sample placement)
• Social marketing amplification
• Email marketing program development
• Social engagement strategy & promotion
• Online audience building
• Branding, messaging & digital presence consulting
• User interface testing
• WordPress development

  • 74% of Moms have purchase products as a result of promotion mention in a blog
  • 69% of Moms are likely to purchase a product based on what was heard through their online social network
  • 64% of Moms ask other mothers for advice before they purchase a new product
  • 50% of products marketed to men are actually purchased by women

Moms are the key decision makers in their household with a collective purchasing power of over $2.5 trillion annually.

Our Management Team

The Enlist Moms’ team is comprised of some of the pioneers in engaging moms and social media strategy. Let our experts develop creative digital media strategies and online messaging to reach mom consumers on behalf of your brand.
Whitney Trujillo
Founder & CEO
Keri Stafford
Director of Marketing & Creative Strategy
Cindy Cragg
Director of Business Development & Strategic Partnerships

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